The Journey to Bellaz!

A finance and number lover at heart, BEAUTY was never the plan for success, it just happened to be the place where the Journey led.

Having grown up in an underdeveloped country, without a mother, that passed away too soon to teach her all the feminine ways and tricks, Ella never felt like she qualified as a real woman as she didn’t have all the “womanly “thing that everyone had.

She always hid behind a shy attitude. But no matter how much she tried to hide, someone would always notice her, and she could never understand!

One day it all clicked. She didn’t want to be unnoticeable, she just wanted to be noticed in her own original way! So, she asked: What if I just stop being scared, what if I stood-out and stopped worrying about what others think?

She was intrigued by Fashion and Beauty, she wanted to understand it, she wanted to master it as she mastered numbers.

So, she decided to create a place for women of all Kinds to be able to learn, experience and own their BEAUTY!

   The Journey ahead would bring so much Joy and Happiness and fulfilment as she would be able to empower other Women just like her to stop hiding and let their RAW Beauty shine! 

At Bellaz Kosmetics, our mission is not only to empower women around the globe to be their best selves daily and even better the next day but also to make them understand the wonders of being unique and the importance of SELFcare in their journey of nurturing the world.

We aim to create an exceptional experience for all by providing quality products, exceptional service and inspiration to all Women. 

Lashes complement your look, they help you make a statement whether you choose a bold look or a more contemporary one you will always be the Light of the party.


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